emma’s headshot makeover

Emma Garrett was our youngest makeover winner. Her goal was singular; she wanted to look older. We admit, we don’t hear that very often. However, Emma is launching her new career coaching business where she does most of her business over the phone. She needed a photo to communicate her poise and maturity. And this wasn’t it.

 Here’s where we took Emma.

emma garrett, career counselor


She was thrilled with the more mature look of her new portraits and will be using them to promote her business. Thanks Emma!

For a hair consultation, contact Stephen Schaller via his web site.

To learn more about personal stylist Marian Rothschild at Look Good Now,  visit www.marianrothschild.com.

Here is a bit more about Emma:

Emma Garrett is dedicated to helping smart, progressive people design and do their ideal work. A serious believer in fun on the job, Emma has been paid to salsa dance in Mexico, organize rain forest conservation projects, sail through the Caribbean, lead treks into volcanic craters, create a literacy project for Nicaraguan kids, photograph the remains of ancient human sacrifices, guide night SCUBA dives and teach traditional medicine in the jungle. Believing that joyful people have more to give the world, she specializes in helping socially conscious and entrepreneurial people get paid to play.

Connect with Emma on linkedin.

 cheers, dana

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