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Meet Jerrie Hurd. She is an author and photographer extraordinaire. She nominated herself for a business portrait makeover because she didn’t feel her head shot expressed her personality. After meeting Jerrie, I totally agreed. She is creative and vivacious, not dreary and serious.

jerrie hurd "before"

Here’s what she wrote:

I am going out soon with two new book proposals. I know the agent/editor will google my name. My blogs/website will come up with the current head shot that is both out of date and not flattering. I know that, but in the push to finish the proposals, I often neglect myself. I need help.

As a fellow photographer, I completely understand Jerrie’s dread of being in front of the camera. She was worried she wouldn’t be able to relax. That didn’t last. A few laughs later, we were on our way!

jerrie hurd

Stephen, the makeover team’s hair stylist,  lightened her look with a short and sassy haircut that returned the focus to her face.

Marian, the team’s wardrobe and make-up expert, began by lightening Jerrie’s outfit. She counseled Jerrie to avoid black – which she wore in her former portrait – altogether.  Too heavy and dull. Marian selected tones that are found in Jerrie’s complexion to highlight her fabulous skin. She also used makeup to add definition to Jerrie’s eyes and selected a less harsh shade for her lips.

For my part, I wanted to bring Jerrie to life in her photos. She has a mischievous smile that I adore and wanted to capture – it makes me want to know what she has to say. Also, I wanted to reflect comfort and confidence. (In her “before” photo, it seemed like she wanted to flee the scene!)

Lastly, we included this action shot, because Jerrie is a storyteller. I think this photo captures that precisely.

What do you think of Jerrie’s photos and her new look? Contact me if you would like a business portrait makeover.

cheers, dana

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More about Jerrie:

Jerrie Hurd is the author of three novels and numerous other articles, essays, and short stories. When the writing began to feel like work, she took up fine art nude photography because it sounded fun. Also when someone asked what kind of photography, she got to say “nudes” and watch that information sink in. Jerrie is a grandmother and doesn’t fit the stereotype, if there is one, of a figurative photographer.  See her photography at Homo Sapiens Unadorned,

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