jolene mckenna’s business portrait

Remember Jolene? She recently retired from IBM and has started her own consultancy to help business owners be more profitable.  This is the headshot she used at IBM.

jolene mckenna - before

Jolene was concerned that the image didn’t communicate the right message for her new venture. After meeting Jolene I was in complete agreement.

While she looks confident and powerful in this photo (which she is!), for clients looking to hire her, this might translate into “difficult to approach” and “tough.” The photo is also dark and cold which seemed slightly ominous. She looks a bit “plastic” and stiff in this image.

Our goal was to create an authentic image of Jolene that would communicate her confidence, but also portray her kindness and warmth.  It was time to get rid of the “suit” look to convey and “easier” style. In short, we wanted to soften her up and make it seem like she had thrown out her welcome mat.

jolene mckenna

The team hairdresser, Stephen Schaller, softened her hair and added some color for warmth and texture. The team stylist, Marian Rothschild, chose color (!) for Jolene’s outfit and created her subtle but lively makeup. (Learn more from Marian on her blog.) These elements make her eyes really pop and allowed her personality to shine through!


For my part, I had her pose in a more relaxed fashion. Also, I used a warm backdrop to give more emphasis to her eyes. Even though her arms are crossed in the top photo, the pose conveys interest and energy. I wanted her smile to be “alive” and “real.”

cheers, dana

Please leave a comment letting us know how we did for Jolene. Do you like her new look? Can’t wait to hear from you.

If you are interested in a photo makeover, contact me.

For a hair consultation, contact Stephen Schaller.

To learn more about personal stylist Marian Rothschild at Look Good Now,  visit

Here is a bit more about Jolene. Jolene is an efficiency expert who helps business owners turn chaos into control to achieve clarity, confidence and consistency in their business. Jolene’s systems result in giving you more time with your clients, confidence in the choices you make and achievement of the financial goals you set for yourself.

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  1. Kathleen Christensen May 22, 2011 at 4:11 am #

    Nice! Like the colors, and the new photos do convey warmth.

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