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Business portraits are not one-size fits all. The perfect headshot for an athletic trainer should look very different from the one used by an accountant. Because people are meeting you and your business for the first time online – and many times deciding about you at that point – put your best image forward. 

Creating great images – at the intersection of your personality and your expertise – is what I do best. 

love to create portraits the communicate your profession and the special touch that you bring to it. These images are memorable and will set you and your business apart from the crowded field. They will catch the eye of your potential clients, spark a connection, and create an impression that lasts.

This is what my clients tell me over and over again. 

Most importantly, you want to inspire trust in your clients. To be able to trust you, your clients need to be able to see your eyes. That is my specialty. I like to highlight my clients eyes. Eyes are where we gauge what’s going on in another person. Letting our clients “look in” gives us a big advantage over others who offer the same services.

Let your clients look in your eyes and they will begin to trust you. Even before they meet you in person.

Clients rave about the portraits I have created for them, often mentioning that they have seen a notable increase in business directly related to their portrait investment. (See Kudos! to find out more.)

I will create images that are authentically you, but also communicate the message that you would like to convey to you clients.

Business Headshot Session – $425

  • Pre-session consultation to establish strategic goals, setting, attire, etc.
  • Professional photo session – on location or at the studio
  • Personal proof review session with strategic recommendations
  • 2 fully retouched images provided digitally
  • Usage license for online and print marketing purposes (additional fees may apply to paid advertising placement)

I encourage clients to consider a professional make-up application and would be delighted to arrange this for you. Please inquire about scheduling and pricing.

We generally shoot several wardrobe choices to cover a range of situations and to make sure you look your best.