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linda tate | writer, editor, planner

Lively writing. Eagle-eye editing. On-target project management. Top-notch meeting planning. These are the skills Linda Tate brings to her clients as an independent consultant.  In updating her web site, she wanted to begin with clean, fresh images that she could love.  Spending time with Linda is a treat. She is vibrant and outgoing and has a big heart and terrific laugh. Her personality demanded bright […]

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mary walker

Mary is a registered dental hygienist and was adding another specialty to help her offer special therapy to patients. She needed new and updated photos to launch her new undertaking and to help her convey the care and understanding she brings to her clients in helping mend injuries and soothe ailments.      

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horrifying self portrait

this was a lot of fun to shoot. but when i set out to create this image – inspired by Grant Woods’ American Gothic – i had no idea how frightening we would look. i am accustomed to disliking photos of myself – but egads!!! rather than exactly replicate the work, I have represented what I remembered from seeing it. a few things i learned: […]

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rescued by moe | pet photography

Once upon a time, there was a little guy who needed a home. He was waiting over at The Humane Society of Boulder Valley for just the right someone. He just had his surgery the day before, but he was up on the web site so things were looking good. Moe spotted him online – she had been looking for just the right little personality […]

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priscilla stuckey at boulder book store

I worked with Priscilla Stuckey in the summer of 2011 to create an author photo that would be appropriate for her new memoir, then still in progress. We drove to the location together and I remember her saying that she occasionally hit a tough spot, but that the heat was on and she was going to stick with it. Well, aren’t we glad she did? […]

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