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halloween cowboy


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horrifying self portrait

this was a lot of fun to shoot. but when i set out to create this image – inspired by Grant Woods’ American Gothic – i had no idea how frightening we would look. i am accustomed to disliking photos of myself – but egads!!! rather than exactly replicate the work, I have represented what I remembered from seeing it. a few things i learned: […]

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mr. mustache

here’s a litlle giggle for a friday. this will not be used as a business portrait. do you like to have fun with these animated gif?

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flower friday: daffodils

  since the snow has been so lame this year, i am really ready for spring. the brown, brown, brown has to go. so far, nothing has popped up here. soon i hope. i picked up some daffodils at the store the other day and have been loving everything about them. they smell so good. this morning i decided to play around a little with […]

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i got flowers!

 i was so excited this valentine’s day. you see, my honey is out of town. well, that’s a bit of an understatement. he is in vietnam on a walkabout. soooooo, when Love in Bloom delivered this gorgeous vase of flowers, quelle surprise! Rather than the standard, worn out red, Shanti created a purple, green and orange work of art. It was creative and different, right […]

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