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linda tate | writer, editor, planner

Lively writing. Eagle-eye editing. On-target project management. Top-notch meeting planning. These are the skills Linda Tate brings to her clients as an independent consultant.  In updating her web site, she wanted to begin with clean, fresh images that she could love.  Spending time with Linda is a treat. She is vibrant and outgoing and has a big heart and terrific laugh. Her personality demanded bright […]

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mary walker

Mary is a registered dental hygienist and was adding another specialty to help her offer special therapy to patients. She needed new and updated photos to launch her new undertaking and to help her convey the care and understanding she brings to her clients in helping mend injuries and soothe ailments.      

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do you love your portrait?

Okay. Close your eyes.   Think of three words you would like clients to use when describing you as a professional.   Now open your eyes and look at the photo on your web site or blog. Do the words fit the photograph? Often, when creating an online presence, professionals take great pains over the wording and the design of the site, but they neglect […]

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a little winter walk – suzanne blons portraits

it is my pleasure to introduce you to the multi-talented suzanne blons. i look forward to telling you more about her soon. but for now, check out these gorgeous images captured on a recent snowy day. if you simply can’t wait to find out more, please visit suzanne’s web site.

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dr. craig defries

craig defries popped in to pose for me a few weeks ago. he is the doctor to see if you are seeking overall health and wellness and have been frustrated by the traditional health care answers: tests, medications, etc. he is working on company-wide wellness programs as well as seeing individual clients who are motivated to make healthy changes in a coached and customized setting. […]

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