5 make-up tips for better photography portraits

let’s face it! it’s not possible to have a professional hair and make up artist standing by for every single photo taken of you. (although, I do recommend engaging professionals for a planned portrait shoot.)

here are some of my favorite five make up tips to help you look like your “best self” in photos.

one – choose the right foundation. for photos, avoid mica foundations which make your skin appear muddy. opt for matte foundations to create a flawless complexion. Revlon has a great product called PhotoReady, that you may want to try. it is a great value, especially if you only need a new foundation for photos. most stores accept a return or exchange if you discover the shade is wrong when you try it on.

two – apply the foundation uniformly and blend, blend, blend. for best results, use a cosmetic sponge instead of your fingers. pay attention to your jaw line. decide if your decolletage will need some foundation too. it usually does because it needs to match your face.

three – concealer. if you struggle with dark circles – welcome to my club – choose a serious concealer that really does its job! you want to cover the dark circles without creating areas that are too light underneath your eyes. let me repeat – resist choosing a shade that is too light. go for a shade that unifies your face. my favorite product is ERASE paste by benefit. Bobbi Brown also makes a good one.

four – eyelash curler. this will open up your eyes and enhance your lashes. you will be amazed. here’s how: start at the roots of your lashes and squeeze. release and scootch up and squeeze again. you should be able to get four squeezes on each eye. boom – now your eyes look more open! i have heard awesome things about fancy eye lash curlers, but a drug-store version has always done the trick for me.

five – eye drops. when you look closely, you will discover that there are very few people who wouldn’t benefit from a splash of redness-relieving eye drops. these temporarily clear and freshen the whites of your eyes. i keep these drops in my make up. i may not use them every day, but when i need them, i need them!

what are your favorite tips for looking great in photos? stay tuned tomorrow for five more of mine!

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cheers, dana

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  1. Beth Partin September 23, 2010 at 9:38 pm #

    Dana, thanks for these tips. I’ve never heard of the products you mention, and I am interested in doing some portrait photography, so they will come in handy.

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