mike strand’s new portrait | professional head shot


Meet Mike Strand, the proprietor of Meyer Skidmore & Co.. The company installs and refurbishes hard wood floors in homes, business and industrial settings. If you have floor issues or would like a beautiful new floor, contact Mike and he will do a teriffic job. You may find out more about his business at www.meyerskidmore.com.

Mike is very hands on with his business, so we felt it was critical to show him in his warehouse setting. The shot communicates how comfortable he is with the business and with the equipment. He is not only a saleperson, but also manages every step of a clients’ job.

I wanted to share this set to demonstrate how I provided this photo in several color options. What may be surprising to you is that converting a color image is not a push-button process.  To create the best results I spend time carefully translating and tweaking the image in the to highlight what we want to highlight and minimize the other stuff.

Which is your favorite?

cheers, dana

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