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for those who dislike being photographs, preparing can be the most dreaded of all. deciding what to wear? well that might be the biggest challenge. here are five tips that will ease your decision making and ensure you get the fabulous results you want in you headshots.choose colors that look best on you

choose the colors that flatter you the most

these may not be your favorite colors to look at or the hues you use to decorate your home. they are the colors that garner you the most compliments. the outfits that make people say “wow! you look great!.” often they will bring out the blue in your eyes or will bring your skin tones to life. check out this photo of linda tate phd. since we knew in advance that turquoise was on order, a custom background was prepared to take things one step further. with these photos as a starting point, linda launched the design of her new web site with the colors built to complement the photos we had taken. visit her web site to see the excellent results.



linda tate phd

 take your eye color as a cue

often the colors that garner the most compliments are the ones that make your eyes pop. for the portrait below, we pulled the grey out of the grey blue in jen’s eyes to make them the center of attention. my goal with any portrait is always to draw the viewer to the subject’s eyes and color is a great way to do it! here the background – a neutral gray – helped provide extra punch.

beauty consultant




plan ahead




bring lots of options to your shoot




work with a stylist or professional shopper




go with black and white







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