more make-up tips for great portrait photography

right – so where were we? ah yes. pining for a 24-hour a day personal make-up artist and hair stylist in case of impromptu photos. while i often recommend engaging professionals for planned portraits, most of the time we are on our own! be ready for photos at any time with these photo make-up tips.

yesterday i covered the first five. here are five more:

six -bring your make-up bag to the shoot in case we need to do some touching up. sounds obvious, but it doesn’t always happen.

seven – tame your brows. well-shaped brows also open your eyes and subtract years, so it may be time to pluck. at a minimum, remove the strays. (these renegade hairs can catch the light in a close up.) use a magnifying mirror and stand near a window. if you have tender skin, you may want to rest with a warm cloth on your face for five minutes or so to relax the hair follicles. a cotton-ball soaked with witch hazel is a soothing treat after.

eight – apply foundation to your eye lids. this will smooth the area and hide discoloration. it also makes an good base for eye shadow.

nine – if you want to treat yourself to a great product, skip step eight and pick up this: urban decay eyeshadow primer potion. it is super fabulous. i love this stuff.

ten – blush. choose a mild pink or peachy shade. it’s really important not to over do the blush.  avoid brownish shades at all costs because they come out looking halloweeny. use a big fluffy brush to hit the apples. this way, the blush will be blended properly.

what do you think? have you tried any of these things? i would love to hear your favorite tips for a photo-ready face.

thanks for dropping by! please leave a comment below.

cheers, dana

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  1. Gail Storey September 23, 2010 at 10:22 pm #

    Dana, these are invaluable tips, exactly what I ‘d ask you before our photo shoot if I knew the right questions! Thanks for these.

  2. Laurel Kallenbach October 3, 2010 at 8:25 pm #

    Thanks for the great makeup tips. I almost never wear anything but mascara and eyeliner, so when I get a portrait taken, I feel inadequate in the makeup department. One thing I’ve found makes for better pictures is to relax, loosen up with some face-muscle stretches (because when the camera’s pointing at you, the inclination is to freeze), and then find things to truly laugh at during a photo shoot. A genuine smile is always more attractive than one you force.

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